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FREE shipping and returns on all domestic orders over $40!


  • Emily Robbins on

    Hey Jennifer ,
    Reading your story took my breath, and I understand it fully and deeply . I grew up in dysfunction, and for the longest time I became a product of my environment. . Growing up my dad was an alcoholic, and I watched my mom struggle to make ends meet once she finally left . We started in women’s shelters , and then later we got rehoused into public housing it was hard . Sometimes we would stay with friends for months at a time , and my mom never once made us feel ashamed of it . At this very moment my mom is still my very best friend, and I hope to one day give her everything she’s ever wanted and more . Thanks for sharing your story it impacted me , and touched my heart . You are worthy of every dream you’ve ever dreamt .
    Stay wonderful ,

  • Rene' Leach on

    Hi Jennifer! I’ve purchased 6 of your necklaces—one for me and the others as gifts. The first day I had mine on, I was asked by my daughter-in-law where I got it, so I bought one for her birthday, and she got on your IG and bought something too. I hope I can help spread the word about this wonderful opportunity so we can all be a part of YOUR success and have some beautiful jewelry as a reminder of WHO we are representing! Thank you!!

  • Landry Parkey on

    Hi Jennifer! I’ve been wearing one of the ‘Celeste’ necklaces that you made and I never take it off. It’s my favorite piece of jewelry I own and you did such an incredible job making it. Thank you for making something so beautiful that I get to wear every day!

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