FREE shipping and returns on all domestic orders over $40!
FREE shipping and returns on all domestic orders over $40!



Our mission is...


To unlock wages through meaningful employment

Proudly integrating themselves into the workforce, our Makers gain a sense of accomplishment and autonomy that allows them to dream big. Coming beside them, we believe that our role is simply to unlock doors and cheer on our Makers as they walk through them. With each Unlocked purchase, you directly create wages that are vital to our Markers’ transition back into full employment and a home of their own.

To provide more than just a wage

Poverty and homelessness are more than the lack of material things, so our solutions must extend beyond wages along. To this end, we must both meet our Makers’ immediate physical, mental, and emotional needs while supporting their future goals and aspirations.

Gwen J after receiving her monthly bus pass, a benefit of working at Unlocked


To cultivate a supportive environment

Relationships are at the core of Unlocked. Believing that love has the power to change ourselves and others, we take pride in cultivating an atmosphere of laughter and mutual respect. Our Makers can count on the Unlocked family for support, both in good times and bad.

To partner with local organizations

We recognize that we are only one piece in the greater community working to alleviate homeless. To best serve our unique role, it is crucial to collaborate and coordinate with other organizations already providing amazing services. We actively seek partnerships with nonprofits, businesses, and individuals, and we readily invite others to join our community as we combat homelessness together.


To inspire through storytelling

While we can never fully comprehend the life of another, we believe that getting to know someone is the best way to break down walls and promote change. We hope to connect you to our Makers through stories of hope, allowing you to put yourself in their shoes.

To educate and advocate

By connecting you to our community, we educate about homelessness and the many ways to make a difference, including donations, volunteerism, and socially conscious consumption. Through our work, we create new opportunities for individuals and business to get involved.


To promote lifelong change

We are invested in the lives of our Makers, extending well beyond their time at Unlocked. Through our work, we help our Makers overcome vulnerability, promoting sustainable transitions and growth in all aspects of life.

To build for a better tomorrow

In order to create the greatest impact, we seek to continue learning and innovating, expanding the breadth of our services and the depth of our change. We must constantly consider our impact on our Makers, our customers, the community, and the environment.


To recognize potential in every human

Above all, we emphasize the essential likeness of all humans. We know that our Makers are capable of greatness, and we choose to focus on their assets instead of just their needs.

To create a more equitable world

By showcasing the potential of business to create positive social change, we join hands with others in a movement to develop a more inclusive and kind world for all.